July 1, 2022

Episode 45

Understanding Pre-Existing injuries in Workers’ Comp

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Episode 45 - Understanding Pre-Existing injuries in Workers’ Comp

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In this episode, Bilal Kassem, President of Pacific Workers’ shares examples of how the CA Workers’ Comp System handles cases with pre-existing injuries.

Work injuries happen all the time. Some injuries are easy to recover from, but others are difficult especially if you have pre-existing injuries. This is one of those subjects within the workers’ comp system that no injured worker should dive into alone and in fact, Lawyers litigate this type of case often. You see, doctors need to determine the liability a workers’ comp insurance has for any industrial injuries that add to an existing injury.

Sometimes cases are dismissed due to the pre-existing injury. Doctors may determine that the industrial injury did not contribute to what happened. We highly recommend listening to this podcast and getting legal advice if you have pre-existing injuries and injured yourself again.

In this episode Carmen Ramirez, host of the Work Comp Talk Podcast dives into a significant amount of information in relation to what injured workers could expect in their next workers’ compensation trial, or court date. Tune in to this episode to find out what the court is like at the Workers’ Comp Appeals Board.