July 15, 2022

Episode 47

Why Does Workers' Comp Pay So Little?

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Episode 47 - Why Does Workers' Comp Pay So Little?

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Were you injured at work, or do you know someone that was injured while working? Bad news: The CA Workers’ Compensation System isn’t the best when it comes to helping injured workers. The good news: There are lawyers that can help you navigate and get the best results in your case.

On this episode, Carmen speaks with Bilal Kassem, President and Co-founder of Pacific Workers’, The Lawyers for Injured Workers. Having worked as a workers’ comp attorney for the past decade, Bilal walks us through certain scenarios that injured workers can face like not getting paid enough with temporary disability checks. He then shares ways you can help yourself in certain situations and shares valuable information to help you better navigate the system. Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to subscribe!