February 16, 2023

Episode 53

Is it Worth it to Work While on Workers' Comp?

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Episode 53 - Is it Worth it to Work While on Workers' Comp?

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In this episode, we explore the challenges faced by those who continue to work while on the California Workers’ Compensation system. From navigating the bureaucratic maze to managing pain and injuries, we take a deep dive into the daily struggles and triumphs of workers trying to make ends meet while dealing with the physical and emotional toll of workplace injuries. Join us on this journey as we reveal some experiences, struggles, and advice for those trying to navigate the workers’ comp system. Don’t miss out on this in dept conversation with Northern CA’s top workers’ comp attorney Bilal Kassem. If you need more information about the CA Workers’ Comp System, we have a FREE E-Book that shares many secrets and advice for the injured worker in CA. You can download this book by clicking on this link:

If you need legal assistance with your workers’ comp claim, schedule a Free Consultation with Pacific Workers’, The Lawyers for Injured Workers at www.pacificworkers.com or call 800 606 6999.