April 16, 2023

Episode 57

Job Discrimination and Workers' Comp

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Episode 57 - Job Discrimination and Workers' Comp

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Welcome to this episode of Work Comp Talk Podcast! We delve into the topic of job discrimination, particularly when an employee is on workers’ compensation. Discrimination is a serious issue that affects many workers across various industries, and it’s important to shed light on the matter.

In this episode, host Carmen Ramirez talks with Bilal Kassem, co-host of Work Comp Talk Podcast and a workers’ comp attorney. Bilal shares his experiences and insights on how discrimination manifests in the workplace. He provides examples of cases he has handled, and the different types of discrimination employees face, such as discrimination based on age, gender, race, disability, and more.

Furthermore, they discuss the challenges employees face when trying to navigate the legal system and seek justice for discrimination on the job. He highlights the importance of standing up for your rights and seeking legal assistance if you face discrimination while on workers’ comp.