May 28, 2023

Episode 60

Top Workers' Comp Questions Answered

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Episode 60 - Top Workers' Comp Questions Answered

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Join Bilal and Carmen in another informative podcast episode as we dive into the frequently asked questions surrounding California Workers’ Compensation. We tackle common concerns such as the dilemma of dealing with a problematic attorney or their assistant, shedding light on effective strategies to address such situations.

Furthermore, we provide clarity on the duration of Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) benefits and what options are available once the 104-week period in workers’ compensation payments comes to an end. We explore the process of applying for state disability benefits as a potential next step and much more.

Gain insights into navigating this complex terrain and understanding the interplay between settlements.

This podcast episode offers comprehensive answers to these pivotal questions while equipping you with practical tips and valuable knowledge to empower you in your workers’ compensation journey. Tune in now to unravel the intricacies of California Workers’ Compensation and make informed decisions.