October 29, 2023

Episode 67

Medical Buyout in Workers' Comp

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Episode 67 - Medical Buyout in Workers' Comp

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Welcome to Work Comp Talk Podcast! In this episode #67, hosts Carmen Ramirez and Bilal Kassem talk about the often complex world of medical buyouts within the workers’ compensation system in California.
🏥 What is a medical buyout and how does it work?
🤝 Examples of when injured workers should consider settling a claim with medical buyout.
💼 Negotiation and what to look out for: Key factors in the process.
💰 Understanding the financial implications.
🔑 Expert insights to help you make informed decisions.
This episode provides valuable guidance and real-world examples to help you understand what to expect when considering a medical buyout.
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Stay informed, stay healthy, and join Carmen and Bilal as they uncover the complexities of medical buyouts in the California workers’ comp system.