May 4, 2024

Episode 74

Common Construction Injuries in Workers' Comp

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Episode 74 - Common Construction Injuries in Workers' Comp

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Welcome to Work Comp Talk Podcast! Join Carmen, your dedicated host, and Bilal Kassem, managing attorney at Pacific Workers, our proud sponsors.

In this episode, discover a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of workers’ comp: common construction injuries. Let’s explore the trends and patterns in construction-related accidents, shedding light on both direct and indirect injuries.

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From power tool mishaps to falls and lifting strains, we reveal the real risks faced by construction workers year-round. We discuss the impact of seasonality on injury rates and the importance of adhering to safety protocols, including lockout/tagout systems and proper equipment usage.

Moreover, we address the prevalence of misclassification issues, highlighting the challenges faced by injured workers when employers fail to provide adequate insurance coverage. Through insightful discussions and practical tips, we empower listeners to navigate the complexities of workers’ comp in the construction industry.

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