May 19, 2024

Episode 75

Can You Appeal Denied Claims in Workers' Comp?

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Episode 75 - Can You Appeal Denied Claims in Workers' Comp?

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Welcome to Work Comp Talk Podcast, the podcast dedicated to injured workers across California. In this video, we discuss the challenging topic of appealing denied workers’ compensation claims—a notoriously tough aspect of the California workers’ comp system.

Hosted by Carmen Ramirez and joined by Bilal Kassem, Managing Attorney for Pacific Workers, we explore why so many claims get denied and how to navigate the appeals process. We thank Pacific Workers for their sponsorship and support in making this episode possible.

In this discussion, we cover the intricacies of claim denials, from complete case rejections to partial acceptances and the denial of specific benefits like medical treatment or disability. We also touch on the complexities of cumulative trauma cases and the frequent denials these encounter.

What you’ll learn:
Common reasons behind claim denials.
Steps to take if your workers’ comp claim has been denied.
The role of a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) in the appeals process.
Legal nuances and how they affect the outcome of your appeal.

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Thank you for tuning in. We look forward to tackling more topics that help empower and inform California’s workers. Catch you in the next episode!